Thursday, March 12, 2009

EPT Dortmund

I lasted 5 levels in the main event before busting with AK vs TT where I 3bet on the button and called my opponent's 4bet shove from MP. It happens, whatever. Winning coinflips is necessary if you want to win a big tournament and I'd rather lose my first one and be done with it than win the first few and bust on the last one near the bubble.

Today I woke up pretty hungover after a night of drinking last night but I overcame it and still was able to absolutely crush sebbau in squash. I won every single set and kinda felt bad about it because he had no chance so I'm going to offer him pretty huge odds next time we play. I was also pretty sure he was going to win his weight loss bet so I bought myself out of the bet for 3k (the original bet was for 4k) so that saved me a little money as well.

Dortmund is alright but I think I'm gonna head back home tomorrow and spend the weekend in Berlin. I suppose if one of my good friends makes the final table I'll come back to rail it but if not then I'll be in Berlin until the 23rd of March. My sister and her fiancee are coming to visit on the 19th so that should be fun to play entertainer for a few days as well. That's it for now, peace!


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