Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Basketball and other things

Since my return from Dortmund I have been vegging out playing the occasional online session. I am really psyched that March Madness is starting tomorrow, this year I am surely gonna ship the HSNL $1k bracket pool as opposed to last year where I finished 2nd :( My "surprise" teams this year will be Syracuse and Kansas so it's crucial for both of them to have a deep run if I want to win my bracket.

Like I mentioned previously, my sister and her fiancee are coming to visit for three days starting tomorrow. I've also invited over some other people for some basketball marathons so I'm sure we're gonna have a packed house this next week. I leave for Vienna on Monday and am planning on playing the main event and most likely the 2nd chance tourney as well as some cash games if possible. There are gonna be a ton of so-called young guns there so that should be fun to see everyone again and hopefully crush in the private games.

Oh and before I forget, regarding the exciting announcement: I'm glad I didn't announce it because it ended up falling apart at the last minute. I was going to start as a coach/video instructor for the new training site Cardcoaches but I decided that doing videos is just not my thing. I have no problem speaking German but being forced to keep talking for 45mins in German explaining my thought processes is pretty difficult because I think in English (if that makes sense) so I end up translating my thoughts in a German/English mix that most people find funny. I actually get comments all the time how weird it sounds when I'm talking to my closest friends because we continuously bounce back and forth from English to German depending on which word fits better. Anyway, the site is set to launch pretty soon so check it out! Markus Golser and Johannes Strassmann will be the lead instructors so there will be plenty to learn!


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Hey Cort,

Interested in Link Exchange? I didnt find your eMail Adress somewhere, so sorry for posting here in Comment.


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