Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Monday: +$821
I had several ITMs today then had problems closing it out each and every time. I only won one SNG, all the other money comes from 2nd and 3rd place finishes. I played mostly at Stars (should even be PlatinumStar by tomorrow night) and only a little at CelebPoker.

I busted out of the Poker-Tester.com tourney in 11th place, when my flopped two pair could not hold up against a flush draw. We did have a record turnout of 33 players, though, which was very nice. Congratulations go out to Swordsman for taking it down!

I do have a hand history that I would like to share from a $100+9 SNG I played at CelebPoker tonight:

Hand #336394941 at table: STT $100 NL
Started: Mon Jun 19 23:45:55 2006

BB39242 is at seat 1 with 3620.00
visuall is at seat 2 with 1930.00
Mikos is at seat 3 with 2270.00
thecortstr is at seat 4 with 1918.00
Casello 1 is at seat 5 with 2225.00
Ale8118 is at seat 6 with 1170.00
takeru is at seat 7 with 2030.00
elsantobcn is at seat 8 with 1340.00
lino is at seat 9 with 1725.00
ElDiegoHH is at seat 10 with 1697.00

Ale8118 posts the large blind 50.00
Casello 1 posts the small blind 25.00

Casello 1: --, --
Ale8118: --, --
takeru: --, --
elsantobcn: --, --
lino: --, --
ElDiegoHH: --, --
BB39242: --, --
visuall: --, --
Mikos: --, --
thecortstr: Kc, Ks


takeru: Fold
elsantobcn: Fold
lino: Call 50.00
ElDiegoHH: Fold
BB39242: Fold
visuall: Fold
Mikos: Call 50.00
thecortstr: Raise 200.00
Casello 1: Fold
Ale8118: Fold
lino: Call 200.00
Mikos: Call 200.00

Flop (Board: 5d, 8d, 10s):

lino: Check
Mikos: Check
thecortstr: Bet 550.00
lino: Call 550.00
Mikos: Call 550.00

Turn (Board: 5d, 8d, 10s, 5h):

lino: Check
Mikos: Check
thecortstr: All in
lino: All in
Mikos: Call 1168.00


Mikos shows: Jd, 9h (a pair of Fives)
thecortstr shows: Kc, Ks (two pair, Kings and Fives)
lino shows: Jc, Ad (a pair of Fives)

River (Board: 5d, 8d, 10s, 5h, As):

Sidepot 2:
thecortstr wins the pot of 386 with two pair, Kings and Fives

lino wins the pot of 5250 with two pair, Aces and Fives

In case my color coding didn't confuse you to death, try taking another look at this hand. I can't believe these guys are real-money players, let alone play $109 SNGs. They both call my pot-sized preflop, postflop, and turn bets like it's a normal deal. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining about the suckout. Matter of fact, I'm happy these guys play this way. I hope they tell their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles about their (short term) winnings.

I used to give players the benefit of the doubt, but from now, at CelebPoker, you are a donkey until proven otherwise!


At 11:09 AM, Blogger gerlihard said...

Echt ein Wahnsinn. Woher haben diese Wahnsinnigen die Kohle um ein 100 $ Turnier zu spielen. Unglaublich!

At 2:22 PM, Blogger $weconic$ on Tour said...

Mensch Cort das musst du erkennen das du das Ding im River verlieren wirst gegen die Donkeys :)
Das wäre mal ein krasser Laydown gewesen.

Hoffe du bist danach nicht auf TILT umgestiegen.Nach so einer Aktion brauch ich immer min. 60 Minuten Pause um mich abreagieren zu können.


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