Saturday, June 17, 2006

Finally some progress

Friday: +$1154
This day put me back on track on my quest for $6k in June. I am around half way there and a few more days like these will certainly do the trick. I won another $215 SNG at CelebPoker, which contributed a great deal to today's result. I also took advantage of the Pokerstars Reload Bonus, and at the rate I am going I will have the bonus cleared in no time.

I had a nice run the in Celeb League tourney, making it to the final 4 before my AK was beat by A6. I was really going for the win, because I desperately need some points in that damn league. It is so frustrating for me to play that league, because I honestly feel that the competition is weaker than I am. I don't want to toot my own horn, but these guys are really not all that great. Sooooooo why can't I beat them? Am I not that great either? I guess only time will tell, I still have until September to show what I am made of.


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