Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Monday/Tuesday Combo

Monday, April 3rd:
First agenda for the day was a meeting Sutti and I had with our hired webmaster for the new The meeting went very well, I am very excited about what is going on behind the scenes and I am sure the users of the site will be as well.

As far as poker goes, it was not such a great day. I took some bad beats, most notably in the Celeb Leeague tourney. I got all-in preflop with AA against KK and the poker gods decided to put not only one, but two Kings on the flop giving him Quads to take me out of the tourney.

Later on in a $55 SNG, my AA met up all in against AQ, only to find a flop of QQQ, and Quads took down my Aces yet again! Total for the day: -$147

Tuesday, April 4th:

Our forum finally was back online today, which was a relief, and I'd like to believe that it helped my poker game as well :)

I was able to turn the day into a +$109.65 winner. I played a lot of hours and so the result is not so great, but at least it's a green number. These past couple weeks have been a rollercoaster ride and I can't wait to get back consistency in my game.


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