Friday, February 03, 2006

BIG day, but no EWSOP :(

Day 2:
There's good news and there's bad news. I'll start with the bad news:

The bad news is that I once again was unable to qualify for the EWSOP Main Event. This was my second try at the $250+20 Qualifier, and I ended the tournament 38th out of 163. The top 8 won the $5000 package, which included the buy-in to the Main Event. Hopefully I will get another crack at one of these qualifiers again, because I really really really want to play in one of these bigger European tournaments. On to the good news...

The good news is that I had a killer day at CelebPoker. I absolutely tore up the $50+5 SNGs today. I played 10 of them:

1st place - 4 times ($250 a piece)
2nd place - 2 times ($150 a piece)
3rd place - 2 times ($100 a piece)
Out of the money - 2 times (-$55 a piece)

Those results combined with a few ups and downs of 1/2NL, 2/4NL, and a couple $100+9 SNGs accumulated me a total profit of $1429.97 for the day. Subtract the $270 for PartyPoker Qualifier and my total winnings for the day are $1159.97.

I'm not sure if I met my rake standards, but I definitely came close. It's days like these that keep my confidence up, even if the day did end on a sour note with the missed Vienna qualification. Bring on Day 3!!!


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