Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Poker Goals for February '06

My goals for February:
1. At least $2800 combined winnings from cash games, SNGs, and MTTs. This averages $100 a day over the course of 28 days.
2. Finish off my initital deposit/reload bonuses at CelebPoker. This will not be very difficult, as there is only $150 left. This will not be counted in my monthly earnings.
3. Contribute $2500 of rake at CelebPoker and earn the $100 loyalty bonus. This goal will be very difficult to meet, because February only has 28 days and I will be in Vienna at the end of the month, making online poker playing a big challenge. If I do succeed I will receive $625 rakeback on the 1st of March, but I will not count rakeback or the loyalty bonus as part of my winnings for goal # 1. By far my most difficult goal.
4. A) Play concentrated, disciplined poker in Vienna at CCC. Whether it be cash games, premilinary tournaments, or the Main Event I want to make a good showing so that I can at least be proud of my play if I actually lose. I do not want to play horrible poker and get eliminated, that would be a nightmare.
B) Come back to Berlin from Vienna with more money than I left with. This includes compensating the money I used for flights, hotel, food, and of course poker.

As for today, I lost a total of $29.96. January was very good to me, though. I won a lot of money and I am hoping to continue that run into February!


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