Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another Final Table

Tonight I played the $5K Guaranteed MTT at CelebPoker. The tournament has a buy-in of $30+3, and a total of 322 players signed up to play. That made the prize pool over $9K, hopefully BossMedia will raise the guarantee sometime soon. Anyways, the tournament started off horrible, and I found myself with only 895 chips of my 2000 starting chips left. The blinds were 100/200, so I needed to make a move fast. I did make a move (with AJ I believe) and I tripled up. From then on I started hitting a few hands, and before I knew it I was at the final table!

The tournament paid only $200 some dollars for 10th place and $2.6K for 1st place, so from the start I was in it to win! My stack went up, went down, went back up, back down, and finally when we were 4-handed I hit a rush of cards that helped me eliminate two other players and play heads up with a 3-2 chip advantage!

I started playing heads up extremely aggressive, raising my opponent all in 3 out of the 4 first hands. He folded every time, and I had double the amount of chips he had. Unfortunately my cards died at that point, and apparently his came alive. I lost a pretty big pot to him when I got caught bluffing, and then I went all-in with K6 in the SB. Unfortunately he had KQ and the board brought no 6 for me, leaving me in 2nd place for a total of $1690.50! I am still happy with the finish, although losing heads up with a chip advantage is a little depressing. Here is the end result:
I want to thank Benno for watching me early on, and TDMatze for following me all the way through the end of tourney.

Cash games did not run all that well today, but the 2nd place finish made up for the loss and ended my day with a win of $1578.55. Not bad for a Monday...


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