Saturday, January 28, 2006 Promotion Tour

Last night Henrik got a call from Bandit, saying that he was in town with the Promotion Tour. They were playing a few 'just for fun' tourneys at the Marriott Hotel, and he invited Henrik and me to stop by. I didn't win the tournament they held, but I did have a good time talking to Bandit, Todd (from, and Michael (DSF Poker Commentator). After that we changed locations and played a home game, in which I lost €100, which was not too good. I didn't play very well, and that's hat angers me more than the money loss. I did have a good time, though, and that's the whole point of it all anyways.

I only played poker yesterday for a little over an hour, and I lost $159.95. I plan on recouping that money today, though. I took advantage of the CelebPoker reload bonus, so now I'll be clearing the bonus at a $10 rate instead of a $5 rate. Add in some good cards to that and I have an amazing day ahead of me!

As for now, I'm off to to Hertha BSC- Hannover 96 game. Gonna be cold, but hopefully an extertaining game!


At 6:38 PM, Blogger B@nd!t said...

Thanks Dude,

I enjoyed our meeting too!

Greetings Bandit


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